It has been an interesting, if not utterly devastating year in which priorities were evaluated, people’s lives were decimated or otherwise flipped upside down, and everyone stayed rooted to the ground. There are some silver linings however. The tyrant in the White House has been ousted, and bitcoin seems ever more poised to begin its proper ascent as a definite store of value. As we currently see bitcoin resting above $15,000, is it time to ask when bitcoin will hit $100,000?

We started the year asking, as we have every other year in the past, if bitcoin will ever see and surpass its 2017 all time high, and if it will ever reach the astronomical heights of $100K. We got the answer in 2020, with Covid pushing QE measures into the stratosphere, and with major public companies announcing that they were either converting some of their fiat treasury assets into Bitcoin, or coming up with bitcoin onramp facilities such as