Capitaland Retail China Trust (CRCT) has finally made their 1st move into the acquisition plan. A few months back, they changed their investment mandate to include other asset classes such as Business Parks and Data Centres. This pointed out some hints to investors that something big could be coming soon. With the new acquisition being announced, let’s take a look at what CRCT is planning to do.

Mandate Expansion

As of 30th September 2020, Capitaland Retail China Trust announced the expansion of its investment mandate. Previously, the REIT was a China-focused Retail REIT. With the new mandate, CRCT will now also target Hong Kong and Macau assets, as well as office and industrial properties.

Key Benefits

1. Leverage On Bigger Pipeline

With Capitaland Retail China Trust now being able to acquire office and industrial assets, it definitely widens their growth prospects, and in specific, their acquisition pipeline that can be acquired from their sponsor, Capitaland.