Photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

Fuck! I had to “ask” (was going to use the word “beg”, but it may be a bit exaggerated) repeatedly for the opportunity to “Chicken out”.

Anyway, I accepted the offer and now I am again waiting, for the start date to be confirmed. Probably, it is going to be next week.

Hopefully, this puts an end to the phase of my life, where I am constantly under the influence of the accident that happened about three years ago.

It has affected how I think and how I behave in the past three years, which led me from suffering losses to suffering bigger losses and ultimately to what I had to go through this year.

I could never undo it, so in that sense, it will stick with me forever. And the tangible losses are going to be felt in the days to come for sure.

I hope what I