Time flies and we are now in the midst of Nov and 2020 is coming to an end soon. There had been no transactions on the SRS portfolio this week and the unrealised losses narrowed further to $8,000, primarily driven by the Starhill position. A snapshot on the portfolio is below. The cash available for deployment stands at $188k.

I last updated the performance when the value of the SRS portfolio hit a hit of high of $329,710 in June 2020.

Based on the cash $188,197 and market value of $142,500, the portfolio valued creeped up to $330,697….at least I generated enough “profits” in the last 5 months to cover the Starhill Global hole. Lol.

For the record, the ROI stands at 1.67x and IRR at 7.3% since inception (a slight drop in IRR from June).

So long for a busy weekend and