This article is from the fitness standpoint, but I believe it also applies to many aspects of life. Oftentimes, as humans, we are overly ambitious. We want this and that. We think we need those too. However, we quickly realise that all of these small little things add up very quickly. Before you know it, it is so mentally taxing and you can barely accomplish anything of good quality.

For example, when we wake up everyday, we are subconsciously making decisions all the time. What to wear, what to do first thing in the morning, what to eat. So I always like to say, try to fixate a few things in your life such that they become routine. For example, I eat the same breakfast every morning (a bowl of oats and 2 kiwis) and I do the same thing every morning, clear my bladder and weigh myself. All these have become habits and so natural for me