Datadog is one of the larger positions in my portfolio and I was happy to add more when the share price of this growing software as a service company fell over the last few months.

What does Datadog do?

It is 3am and your phone starts ringing. You are the CTO of one of the world’s largest banks and your CEO is on the line asking why the bank’s mobile banking application broke down and when you can get the app up again.

Enter Datadog!

There are 13,000 companies such as HSBC, MercadoLibre, Expedia and Starbucks which use Datadog’s platform to monitor and analyze their IT infrastructure and applications. Using Datadog’s monitoring platform allow IT teams to spend less time fixing problems and more time building useful features for customers.

Datadog was founded in 2010 by Olivier Pomel (CEO) and Alexis Le-Quoc (CTO) who had a vision of breaking down silos between software development,