New additions Shenzhen + Shanghai
I have always wanted to support Shenzhen and Shanghai exchanges but simply could not find the time to work on it as there are always a million other things in StocksCafe to work on :(

This weekend, I finally set aside time to make it happen! This brings the number of supported exchanges by StocksCafe to 8! They are Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Tokyo, United States, London, Shenzhen and Shanghai. This means that StocksCafe now supports 38,813 active stocks from these exchanges. Yay!

The likely next exchange to be supported is Australia as I do get several requests for that as well. However, for Australia, it is not just about me burning my weekend but it will cost an additional USD500+ a month for the data. Therefore, there needs to be a substantial number of users who want it before it makes sense for StocksCafe to support it. If support for Australia exchang