We have achieved another one of our goals – $1,000,000 net worth by age 30! We ended 2019 with a net worth of ~$886,000 and was hoping to achieve the goal this year. When covid happened and the stock market crashed in March, I told CZM that it’s not happening this year since the majority of our wealth is in the market. Surprise surprise, the market has recovered even before the pandemic is over (technically the vaccine isn’t out yet, the economy is still bad and we still can’t travel).

Let me introduce the concept of net worth and its importance once again for the new readers.

Net worth can be calculated by taking all the assets and subtracting away all the debts/liabilities. This is the classic comic where everyone is actually poorer than the beggar who has a net worth of $2.73. Your friends/colleagues may be living in a huge condominium, driving some fancy car but it could all be financed by debts.