Imagine this, for every $1 that is spent, you get back 5 cents. On the surface, that amount is minuscule. But what if that $1 now becomes $300 instead? With a rebate amount of $15, it now starts to look more considerable doesn’t it? At the very least, you could settle meal expenses for one day with that amount and still have some leftovers?.

From the example above, we can see how aiming for rebates on your spending can become sizeable in the long run. While I used a rebate figure of 5% for the above example, you could actually easily get more. It just requires a bit more knowledge in knowing what options are available.

For this post, I would be sharing three simple and foolproof methods to start ‘optimizing’ your regular (or impulsive) spending. I would also share the best method to get the most out of