Also: How My 2019 Clients Outperformed The Straits Times Index by Over 75% YTD (and counting)

…by the way, people seem to really like the meme, so thanks to my editor at Zalfion for that. Just to be specific though – I do know that SGX has more than local stocks, thanks.

A couple months back, Singapore entered a technical recession. We raced to see who would lose the most money in the APAC region, and we won.

Or lost, depending how you look at it. :(

I even made a video on it, which will be out on my Youtube Channel soon (once a non-tech person like myself actually FIGURES out how to use Youtube)

During this particular point, there was a flurry of talk on Finance Groups about buying Singapore stocks. Till date, this still confuses me.

…if you can buy a stock, or even a blue chip at a discount, Amazon is probably a much better bet than