A late post, as things got really busy for me at work toward the end of the year. My portfolio’s performance was probably at it’s worst moment if we looked from the short term perspective. Return YTD was -13.05%, XIRR YTD was -17.05%, and XIRR since inception was -1.14%.

The positive thing was I received the sale proceeds of my flat and injected some of the cash into the portfolio. With a $120K cash injection, I went on a buying spree. As an optimist, I believe the darkest hour will be just before the dawn, and there was no better time to buy except when everyone was fearful. Aside from healthcare and consumer stocks, I also bought banks and other beaten-down stocks like Boeing.

Date Securities Action Currency Quantity Price Total
22-Oct-2020 Lockheed Martin Buy USD 20.0000 366.3600 7,327.20
22-Oct-2020 Diageo PLC Buy GBP 250.0000 25.4300 6,357.50
22-Oct-2020 Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd Buy MYR 800.0000 19.4000 15,520.00
23-Oct-2020 Maybank Buy MYR 5,000.0000 7.0900 35,450.00
23-Oct-2020 Bank Central Asia Buy IDR 4,000.0000 29,000.0000 116,000,000.00
23-Oct-2020 UOB Buy SGD 500.0000 19.9500 9,975.00
23-Oct-2020 Raffles Medical Group Ltd Buy SGD 11,300.0000 0.8000 9,040.00
23-Oct-2020 Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd Buy MYR 800.0000 19.4400 15,552.00
27-Oct-2020 Boeing Buy USD 40.0000 158.3674 6,334.70

I received dividends of $1,139.05 in Oct 2020, bringing total dividends for 2020 to $20,154,70.

Date Securities Name FCY SGD
6-Oct-2020 DBS 90.00 90.00
7-Oct-2020 Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd 785.95 255.59
7-Oct-2020 Raffles Medical Group Ltd 140.00 140.00
12-Oct-2020 Diageo PLC 214.28 376.94
26-Oct-2020 Ping An Insurance 1,590.71 277.42

Link to Yaruzi’s portfolio as of October 2020