I am still “banging my head” for selling out UOB too early. Sometimes, we were in the red for too long and just want to get out at break-even that we forgot why we bought the stock in the first place.

The “loss of profit” from UOB based on the last Friday’s close amounted to more than $5,000 (*ouchy)

Starhill continued to recover (albeit too slowly) and Suntec is now in the black at around $3.4k. The overall losses narrowed to $3.3k compared to $24k on 31 Oct 2020.

Together with the cash of $188,197, the portfolio value as of 22 Nov 2020 stands at $335,297 (this will be the new watermark) 😊

I mentioned the Credit Bureau Asia lodged its IPO this week. You can find the preliminary prospectus on MAS portal here. The IPO will be launched when there is no “poison pen” letter received but the earliest it can launch the IPO is