My last article on Keppel REIT share price was in October 2019. Obviously, that was before the implosion of COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the landscape has changed drastically and Keppel REIT share price was not spared from the unfolding events.

Recently, the management team provided a business update to the local finance bloggers community. I had the privilege to attend the briefing and had the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into this leading commercial REIT. For the longest time, I have been interested in investing in an S-REIT. In this article, I will share the investment merits and cons of Keppel REIT share price.

In the previous update, I have shared that the management had been aggressively buying back units from the market. Since then, the management went on to conduct even more units buybacks in 2020. The amount of units buybacks was truly breath-taking – at 95.3 million units since 3QFY2018. The massive units buybacks