I’m currently watching Dan Tapiero with Pomp, discussing gold vs bitcoin on his podcast on YouTube. It’s a really interesting conversation, especially where things got a little heated up when it came to discussing about something Pomp put out recently, that Bitcoin will displace gold over time. Here’s the episode in full.


div aria-hidden=”true” class=”wp-block-spacer”> Who is Dan Tapiero? But first, who is Dan Tapiero? He’s a global macro investor and a co-founder at Gold Bullion International, managing trillion dollar portfolios. Now, prior to this video, I haven’t heard of him, or read any of his articles or seen his videos regarding his views about bitcoin, so I was coming into this blind, and was expecting a unified vision of fiat is bad, but then playing a tug of war over whether bitcoin or gold will prevail as the focal point of the discussion, similar