Back in late Oct, I blogged about my reflections on building a 6 digits portfolio.

It took me 7 years to finally starting investing proper as I’ve always been trying to accumulate cash and park it in savings account giving me ~2-3% interest. It was with sheer diligence and discipline that I amassed $300k in Aug. My cash savings has since gone down as I started deploying cash into the market.

Covid as an impetus to invest

When Covid hit and the market started to turn south, I attempted to “invest”. I bought SATS back in Mar when things were starting to get shaky. Not very smart since things went downhill after I bought it.

I bought SIA during then too, at a high of $7+ 😉interesting lessons

Long story short, I’ve since sold my SATS stocks after it hit a 6 mths high. Sold it at $4.35 earning around $230. Not a bad 5% dividend considering I held it for less than a year. I