This is an update on the valuation of Eagle Hospitality Trust (“EHT”) in the event of forced liquidation and also an estimation of the fair market value once it is removed from suspension. Based on the Q3 financial results released, I have updated the various numbers on the statement of financial position.
Elaboration on Financial Projection
1. I have revised the valuation of the investment properties to S$734Mil from the original S$1.27Bil. This is a significant drop in fair valuation of S$533Mil amidst COVID-19.
2. Assuming no more hidden liabilities, then immediate liquidation if a buyer can be found will be around US$0.119 per unit. 
3. If the business can continue running and valuation recovers as denoted in the various columns on the right side, investors will be able to recover more money. Hence it is important for the new white knight to be appointed as REIT