Value stocks are shunned nowadays and more are flocking to high-flying growth stocks.

Indeed, one doesn’t know how long value stocks would stay underperformed. It is therefore important to be picky which value stocks to include in your portfolio should one continue to pursue this strategy.

One way is to pick a value stock with a possible catalyst happening in the future. An obvious play would involve a bet on the recovery brought about by the vaccine.

While some of you would think of travel-related stocks, I want to share about a different opportunity in a worker dormitory operator – Centurion (SGX:OU8).

The majority of the Covid-19 cases in Singapore happened in the workers dormitory and Centurion, being the largest operator in Singapore, was at the heart of the national issue. We covered the story here, and how profitable the workers dorm business is.

Workers dormitory is a critical infrastructure to house foreign workers