It’s been a while since I have written about the portfolio performance of our StashAway accounts. But I do update their portfolio performance overviews monthly (along with that of our DBS DigiPortfolios) on my blogpage if you are interested to know how they have been doing this year. I reckon 2020 will be a watershed year for robo advisors. Because it shows how effective they can be if utilised correctly. When I looked at the portfolio performance of our StashAway accounts since the 1st deposit in 2017, the results are fascinating.

Even though we were one of the early adopters of StashAway in 2017, we were only putting in a few hundred dollars every month then. The concept of robo advisors was new at that time and they were one of the first entrants into the local market. We wanted to see them prove themselves before we committed more of our cash funds.