I’m 39 and I reached Full Retirement Sum (FRS, $181,000 this year) in my CPF Special Account. Like having reached ‘ORD loh’ when my full time National Service comes to an end after 2 years, I have also reached ‘FRS loh’ in my Financial Journey.

For those who do not know what ORD means, ORD stands for Operationally Ready Date. Instead of how people usually relate ORD to being the end of National Service, being operationally ready actually signifies the point where we had completed our 2 years of military training and is ready to begin serving our Nation.

In sort of the same sense, reaching FRS is a major milestone for my CPF account but it is definitely not the end of my retirement planning journey. In fact, it marks the beginning of the next phase of CPF accumulation for my retirement. There are still a lot more work to be done to further accumulate my SA and OA in preparation for