Since Singapore had its first Real Estate Investment Trust (‘REIT’) listing in 2002, it has done remarkably well in establishing itself as a REIT hub in Asia Pacific. Today, it has successfully attracted REITs with overseas assets to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange (‘SGX’). Success of the REIT sector can be attributed to its popularity with the local investment community as well as strong regulatory support from the government. Great market interest and participation necessitates investment options beyond individual REIT investing. Syfe saw a gap in the market and introduced its Syfe REIT+ portfolio – a functional, simple and yet elegant solution that retail investors have long been yearning for.


It is a well-known fact that the local investment community loves REITs as putting properties and high dividends together proved to be a winning formula. Heartland Boy is not shy to admit that he is one of those who loves REITs.