Plus 5 New IPO stocks in December 2020 worth looking at

IPO stocks tend to be risky plays and not for the faint-hearted. 2020 looks to be a blockbuster year for new IPO stocks listed in the US, with the majority trading above their IPO price.

Out of this list of 117 new IPO stocks (not fully comprehensive, with the exclusion of reverse takeovers), only a handful are trading below their IPO price while the majority are trading significantly more than their IPO price.

Which new IPO stocks in 2020 has the honor of being crowned the best performing IPO in 2020 (based on the current share price as of 26 Nov 2020 vs. IPO price)? Do bigger IPO stocks perform better than smaller ones? Which are the 5 new IPO stocks in December 2020 worth taking a closer look at?

All of these will be addressed in this article.

Before that, a quick explanation of what is an IPO stock.