Key takeaways We are providing an update on the revision of the net yield projection for Endowus Cash Smart portfolios. Core  goes to 0.9% ~ 1.0%, and Enhanced to 1.5% ~ 1.7%.The drop in recent yields is in line with the persistent low interest rate environment and the lower yield of reinvestment opportunities around the world.The revised yields are still much more attractive than the savings or deposit options available in SingaporeFor those seeking higher yield, we are introducing Cash Management (Ultra), which offers an additional option for investors at a higher yield of 1.7~1.9%, by taking incremental risk to gain yield. How has Endowus Cash Smart performed since launch?
Endowus Cash Smart Portfolio Performance July 1, 2020 to Nov 27, 2020 Source: Endowus Research, MorningStar As you can see from the above chart, the performance of the two Cash Smart products have been steady and strong