Introducing the new Endowus 100% Dimensional-only portfolios The new Endowus Dimensional Portfolios are built by curating a portfolio of  2-4 dimensional funds to maximise exposure to Dimensional’s Nobel prize winning and scientific research-backed, factor-based investing strategies.These funds are chosen as some of the best ways to gain globally diversified broad market exposure. The geographical allocation of the portfolio is broadly consistent with market capitalisation, while being overweight on three proven factors of outperformance, namely value, size and profitability.This portfolio can be invested using Cash and SRS monies and created on the Endowus Fund Smart platform on a risk scale that is suitable for you across equities and fixed income. Passive or Active investing is not the only choice in town Most investors focus on the distinction between passive index investing (just achieving passive beta market returns) and active investing that tries to beat benchmark indexes and generate alpha (above market