Candlesticks are so much more than just price range Why do investors use candlesticks instead of line charts? After all, don’t they all represent the price movements over time? The answer is yes, the charts are all showing the same price movements over time, however, candlesticks can provide additional information to the user and that can translate into market sentiments in that duration when the candle was still active. This information can sometimes be crucial as it can represent, oversold, overbought, price bottoming or peaking, etc. In today’s post, I will be summarising all this information so that more people can appreciate candlesticks and their significance to investing and trading. The Anatomy of Candlesticks Literally, everything you need to know about each candlestick is shown in the three examples above. Do take note that the green and red candlesticks have inverted “Price at closing” and “Price at