As 2020 draws to a close, it is always imperative that I (and for everyone of us) take stock of my financial choices, determine where I am now vs where I was 12 months ago. Because like what we advocated in our previous Mr Kiam Siap drawing, “Small progress is still progress, Slow growth is still growth”

The past few months for me has been a flurry of information and making of determined financial decisions which I hope to inspire the readers out there!

1 . On Job Security

2020 definitely took a hard hit on many industries and jobs. In an article by CNA, Singapore’s unemployment rate in 2020 rose to 3.6 per cent in September from 3.4 per cent in August. I’ve never been worried about income stability in my day job but this year’s unfolding of events seemed to hit closer to home (which will be another article for another time).