Recently, I’ve received a ton of messages regarding which broker should one use when investing. I feel that this is an important topic to talk about so I’ve decided to put 2 of the most popular brokers together and compare them. The 2 that has been selected are none other than Tiger Brokers and Saxo. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Sign Up Process

Both brokerages offer fast and fully digital online registrations that take about 5-15 minutes to complete. Let’s take a quick look at the individual sign up process for both brokers.

Tiger Brokers

For Tiger Brokers, as you can see from my previous article here: My Flawless Experience with Tiger Brokers For The Past 4 Months, can see that I talked about the signing up process.

The process was very fast and simple, which you can easily do on the mobile app or the website