Global financial markets experienced never before seen volatility in 2020 as the world came to a standstill due to Covid-19.

For many, this phenomenon cast doubts on their long-term investing philosophy, with the lingering fear that an unexpected event could rapidly wipe out their savings and investments. Does a buy and hold strategy encouraged by Endowus still work in these uncertain times?

0:00 Introductions

6:58 How to 10x your money?

7:42 Investment Strategies and Compounding, Compensated Risks and Returns. (Avoiding Cash Drag)

14:14 What to do about Fluctuating Markets? – Stocks and Bonds

21:38 Historical Performance of Endowus Portfolios

23:15 Endowus approach to diversification, minimising fees

31:20 Problems with trying to time the market

42:28 Why invest in your CPF? / CPF interest rates vs gains from investing your CPF

47:16 Endowus CPF investment portfolios and projections

50:11 Using your money and making it last