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By A Pen Quotes  •  December 13, 2020
It is Dec 2020, and with some time on hand since I am on leave, I was able to spend time reading on top of spending time with the family. In one of my previous post “Chill and Read“, I read 3 books about 3 incredibly talented men: The first man: A former English teacher. He failed his entrance exam twice before studying at a Teachers College. He graduated in 1988 and continued to teach English for several years. Subsequently, he got rejected from 30 jobs before he decided to band together with a group of friends at the age of 29 to create his internet start-up. The second man: A computer science graduate who turned out to be a great business man as well. His first job was with China Motion Telecom Development where he was in charge of developing software for pagers. He saw first hand how the rise of the internet and the...
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By A Pen Quotes
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