The conclusion in a picture

This will be a more light-hearted and less serious analysis of the upcoming IPO. Hence the timing of this post.

The 3rd IPO on the mainboard this year.

Public Application is from 11 December 9pm to 16 December 12pm.


G.H.Y Culture & Media ‘s business can be broken down into 4 Segments

1) Television Program and Flim Production

2) Concert Production and Management

3) Talent Management Services

4) Costume, Props and Make-up Services

At an IPO Price of $0.66 per share, this results in a market cap of 708.7 million as there will be 1,073,792,000 shares outstanding post IPO.


As the company is newly formed, with a short history tracking back to only 2018. It has earned 12.4 million in FY 2019 and 13.0 million in Half Year of 2020. This translates to a PE of 57 based of 2019 numbers.

Based off a 26 million earning in FY 2020 (13*2), this translates to a PE of 27. Which is a reasonable valuation based off good growth numbers seen in its short track record.