It has been a while since I updated on my SRS portfolio. I had been busy with IPO write ups and managed to make some money from the last 3 IPOs. This is a surprise given how dead the IPO market was and it definitely looks like I will be able to achieve my goal no.4 of at least $10,000 from IPO tikams this year.

(Read the goals set on 1 Jan 2020 here).

SRS Portfolio – Sometimes you looked like a hero when you sold some positions in the short term (e.g. Lendlease and UOB Bank) , only to turn into a fool in the longer term. 😂

No changes to my portfolio except that the unrealised loss has now turned into a profit.

Including my cash of $188,850, the portfolio value now stands at $344,150, translating into a ROI of 1.74x and IRR of 7.7%.

The value of $344k is definitely a surprising end to 2020 considering that the value was $299k as of 1 May 2020. You can read the post here