Unemployment game plan refers to your plan if you were to become unemployed (whether voluntarily or involuntarily).

It’s December, and I am meeting up with my friends. With the pandemic, and a group of late 30s – 40s (who are the vulnerable age for PMETs to become retrenched), one of the key topics that we talked about a lot about was unemployment. One of my friends was submitting a resume to his company for another friend who was going to become unemployed (he had been informed). Everyone is helping each other. It’s nothing about politics. Anyways, unemployment and retrenchment was a gloomy topic for that meetup. Everyone’s worried about job security. Being employed is essential, since we are generally the sandwich generation who depend on our job for livelihood, and we have ageing parents and kids who depending on us for financial support.

There was a lot of discussion on this topic, and there were many points