2020 is a year to remember, or simply forget. Covid-19 struck and everyone’s plans have been tossed up in the air – from planned travels, career switches, to even the basics of being able to properly plan for finances. As some of us are forced to re-adjust our lifestyles and our spending patterns to the new Covid-19 paradigm, we have invitied a group of personal finance leaders to discuss the best and worst of money management and investing 2020.

0:00 Introduction 3:38 Discussion: What is your greatest money management problem in 2020 5:12 Introduction to Endowus 13:19 Introduction by the bloggers 20:50 Managing your finances in 2020 27:34 Worst mistake about cashflow management 32:05 Recap on 2020 Financial Markets 38:22 Biggest Investment Mistakes 44:08 Importance of experience and perspective in investing 49:48 Readers’ questions during the pandemic 58:00 Should we invest our CPF with market uncertainty?