I started this year with the ambitions to achieve the following:

  1. Increase Net Worth
  2. Maintain Passive Income Yield
  3. Reduce Debt
  4. Improve Diversification of Portfolio
  5. Reduce Trading and Focus on Invest
  6. More Self Learning and Improvement
  7. Do More Exercise
  8. Reduce Weight

Reflecting on what I have done and achieved this year, I realised the results was a mixed bag – I succeeded on some but also failed badly on several.

From the angle of achieving financial freedom, I failed to increase my net worth after a year of intense investment efforts.

This is extremely disappointing to say the least.

With STI submerged underwater for almost the whole year and losing 13% at the end and having most of my holdings in Singapore stocks, perhaps it should not have come as a surprise. However, when I tallied up the numbers and saw the drop in net worth, I couldn’t help feeling crestfallen.

Passive income yield came close to target.

Good efforts in passive income yield is my consolation.