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Xiaomi announced on 28th Dec its second flagship this year — Mi 11.

It is no doubt a great phone with top-nudge screen and performance. What’s better, the thickness and weight both improved, which have not been Xiaomi’s strength.

The details are all over the web, so I won’t waste your time here.

What did catch my eye was how Xiaomi dealt with removing the charger to protect the environment.

Instead of “telling” you the charger will no longer be included for the good of everyone, Xiaomi gave its customers “well-designed” options.

  • “Standard” Edition: without charger and cable — Price: 3999RMB
  • “Combo” Edition: with charger and cable — Price: 3999RMB

It is “Well-designed”!

1.It shows respect to its customers

Xiaomi is giving its customers options. If you still need the charger and cable, there you have them. If you do not, then you are encouraged to choose the standard edition.

Compared to Apple on this and so many other things, this is respect to customers.