Over the past few years, FSMOne.com has consistently been running an annual investment event: FSM Invest EXPO. Although Covid-19 has affected our way of life, FSMOne.com was not going to allow it to dampen the mood and halt the streak. In 2021, they will continue to host the event. This time it’ll be held virtually and will be called: What and Where to Invest.

This is timely as investors would be able to seek guidance on how to better approach the markets in the new year after a turbulent 2020.

The event will be conducted over 6 sessions spanning the month of Jan. It is free for anyone to attend. You can register here.

The theme of the event is pretty interesting – it revolves around the concept of building your own investment survival kit. Survive first so you can prosper subsequently!

Day 1 – Looking back and looking forward (9 Jan, Sat 10 am – 4 pm)