How can parents in Singapore open a joint investment account for their child? If you’re thinking of exploring this as a way to manage your children’s investments while also teaching them from young on how to invest in the financial markets, here’s how you can do it!

It hasn’t even been 10 years since I graduated, but university fees are already up by at least 30% from what I remember. In 20 years, how will that figure look like?

The Straits Times ran a 2016 report on how getting a degree in Singapore is set to be costlier, and a later study showed how Singapore parents were spending an average of $21,000 on their child’s university education.

I’ve no qualms that we’ve to prepare for at least $100,000, if not more, by the time our child turns of age.

Why You Need To Invest For Your Child

Given the current economic climate and rising inflation,