These are the list of books that I have read this year.

They span from economics & politics to business & investment.

This is probably not a lot to some people, but it’s quite a number for me (particularly cause I’m a slow reader).

How did I find the time to read these books?

Well, between my full-time work and blogging, I sacrifice sleep.

Yup, there’s no secret “time hack” or “productivity hack”, I just sacrificed sleep and forced myself to read about 1 chapter a day, and more if I can on the weekends.

So, let’s start looking at what I’ve read and my reviews.


  1. The Deals of Warren Buffett

Type: Non-Fiction, Investing

I self-proclaim myself as a Buffettologist (a follower of Warren Buffett’s investing style).

This book goes through the deals the Warren Buffett made in his early days and how he analysed the various businesses before he invests in them.