Today is New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2020. It has been a super “boring” year and we are not out of the woods yet, especially for the tourism sector.

I started 2020 with 8 goals (those directly mentioned in this blog), let’s see how I have done:
Goal No.1 – Increase net worth by $250,000
A highly unusual year where Covid hits around the time where my pay and bonus was being decided. I will spare you the drama but yes, both were affected. Lol. Having said that, the Company recognised that 2019 was the best year we ever had and decided not to be overly harsh. Coupled with no need and nowhere to spend money on traveling and leisure, this goal was achieved. The goal for 2021 will be to repeat this
Goal No.2 – Passive income of $150,000 (excluding CPF interest)
As I mentioned before, this was achieved through a leveraged bond portfolio.