Sold 48,000 shares of FIRST REIT on 28 Dec at $0.36

Bought back 75,300 shares of FIRST REIT on 31 Dec at $0.23

Given the capital remain the same at $48,000 (Bought 24,000 shares @ $1 on 23 Jan & another 24,000 shares @ $1 on 29 Jan) with the above transaction, my FIRST REIT share average price is now $0.64 instead of $1.

If I did not buy back 75,300 shares today, my real loss will be $30,720 (Excluding $2,620.80 of dividend collected and broker + SGX fees).

What is the worst case scenario IF my this buy back stunt goes wrong?

Real loss will be $48,000

Thus, my risk amount here is $17,280

I know many of you cant wait to run as far as you could from FIRST REIT, this CRAZY Mr CDxD still went in to buy.