2020 what a year.

In the past 12 months, we’ve experienced a pandemic, lockdowns, a global effort to resolve social issues, a devastated stock market, a euphoric stock market…and countless memes.

Although we’ve been working from home since the Circuit Breaker, we’ve published 323 articles in 2020. Up from the 188 that we wrote in 2019.

Of those 323 articles, here are your Top 10:

#10 – 11 Singapore Blue Chips that have lost 20% since the start of 2020

Covid-19 began brewing back in Dec 2019. Countries started to close their borders in late Feb.

In March, the markets tanked (albeit for a very short period) and fear gripped investors hearts and tore down portfolios.

We wrote about 11 Singapore Blue Chip stocks that experienced at least 20% drop from Jan to Mar 2020 and it has been read at least 52,017 times since.

At the point of writing, none of the 11 blue chip stocks have recovered to their pre-2020 prices.

Opportunity or not, you decide.