Syfe Equity100 Portfolio Update (December 2020)
By Investing Beanstock  •  January 1, 2021
Goodbye 2020! It was one hell of a year. From lockdown to now distributing vaccine cures, 2020 has been a roller coaster rider for the entire planet. It will be imprinted in history as humankind continues to battle against the unprecedented pandemic caused by Covid-19. And now, Happy New Year!!! 2021 shall be another year of amazing returns! As promised, I will be keeping a record of my Syfe Equity100 performance on a monthly basis. As I’ve mentioned before in my  post, Syfe will become a “managed funds” portion of my entire portfolio. I have a long time horizon with Syfe going forward and will be investing into it for at least 10 years. For investors using Stashaway, you may want to check out my article here where I compare the differences between Stashaway and Syfe, and see which one may be more suitable for you based on your own risk profile, age and time horizon. Likewise for investors using Autowealth, you can see my comparison between Syfe and Autowealth here!...
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By Investing Beanstock
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