Trained by years of corporate life, making personal Tasks and Targets (T&T) for the year has become an annual affair. For my investment journey this year, I have set the following T&T for 2021: Increase my net worth by 5% is the key overriding one. After failing to deliver on this target last year, I have moderated down my expectation given the uncertainties that are still around today. Reduce my debt level further by the same quantum as this year. I like to be “debt-free” by the time I retire.

Diversify my portfolio further by

Growing my index portfolio to 32% of totalGrowing my overseas exposure to 28% of equity portfolioMaintaining total holding of Top10 equities counter to < 30% of total

4. Achieve 4.5% dividend yield on my equity portfolio (down from my usual target of 5%) and 3% on index portfolio 5. Reduce number of holding