1st Jan, 5am in the morning. Wake up, get a cup of coffee and turn on the computer. Wala, interest from CPF savings and contributions over the past year is in. Last year around this time, I also shared on my CPF Interests Update – For 2019.

Ended off Dec 2020 hardly 2 days ago at:

Dec 20 $0 $114,913.95 $60,000.00
Interests $0 $4,793.00 $2,372.72
$0 $7,165.72 $0

The interests for 2020 stands at $7,165.72, up from $5,486.96 for 2019.

The MA cap up to 31 Dec 2020 was $60,000. Revision for MA cap to $63,000 begins on 01 Jan 2021. Therefore, the interests earned for MA account for 2020 would overflow to SA. The overflow will be rightfully corrected later on in the day.

CPF Account transactions and balances

SA balance currently stands at $122,079.67, more than half of 2021 FRS or 65.6% of the journey.

*2021 FRS is $186,000 (up from $181,000 in 2020)