Where can you earn 1.80% p.a*. in this current interest rate environment? Check out GIGANTIQ from Tiq by Etiqa, which has recently been enhanced to offer low-cost insurance riders for those who haven’t been able to find affordable options to resolve their coverage gaps amidst this crisis. If you add on any insurance rider, you’ll also get rewarded with bonus interest.

It is pretty clear by now that global interest rates will likely stay low for the next few years, which has caused most savers to look out for alternative instruments offering higher returns without having to risk their money.

At 1.80%* p.a. for your first $10,000 for the first year, GIGANTIQ could be a compelling solution to look at.

What’s more, with their newest enhancements, you can now potentially boost your interest rate earned of up to 2.55%^ p.a. should you choose to add on any of the (optional) life insurance riders.