CPF aficionados often look forward to the start of the year for their personalised copy of the CPF Yearly Statement of Account (YSOA). Unlike in previous years, CPF will no longer be issuing a mailed hardcopy of the YSOA, but you can still access it conveniently in your CPF account. You can view your 2020 YSOA in your CPF online services, or alternatively, you can access the latest and past YSOA statements by taking the following steps Click on “My Statement” in the sidebarScroll down to Section B “CPF Statements”Click on “Yearly Statement of Account”Choose the CPF YSOA year that you want to view If you are less familiar with CPF, you may be wondering about the benefits of a tool like the CPF YSOA. After reviewing different family members’ and friends’ YSOAs, we have come to realise that the CPF YSOA can be a highly personalised