SOLD 75,300 shares of my FIRST REIT on 4 Jan 2021 at $0.265

If you didn’t read my “Increased my FIRST REIT from 48,000 shares to 75,300 shares” post on 31 Dec, please read it first as this post is a continuous of it.

After buying back 75,300 shares at $0.23 on 31 Dec, there is a huge buy volume today. The highest price today reached $0.27 just before noon.

Why I sell it today? A simple reason is $0.265 is 33% higher than the rights price of $0.20
Will I buy back in future? Yes and No, depending on the price. If it goes up higher, I wont be doing buy back. If it goes near to $0.20, I will be doing buy back.

Every investment have a price tag to it. Even