What is uniquely Singapore?

One obvious fact is our obsession with properties. Foreigners who are new to Singapore are often amazed by this property-crazy nation. We have the world’s second highest home ownership rate of 90.4 percent among residents in 2019. We are passionate about property investment. With easy financing and low interest rates, our passion was made possible.

In fact, the whole life of Singaporeans can revolve around properties: First, we apply for a first-hand HDB flat. Next, we upgrade our home to a condominium. Then we plan to buy a second property for investment.

Property is our life goal. It is our source of motivation to toil from dawn till dusk – to save for the downpayment of our first flat, to pay off that 25-year mortgage, or to reward ourselves after years of hard work. At the end, it is also our source of worry when it comes to value depreciation of our 99-year-lease HDB flat, or too much wealth being tied