Is it possible to be both a great parent and a great employee? I think it’s hard. Energy is limited especially with sleepless nights. And I guess most hiring managers would think so too.

For first time parents, this new dilemma of work or family will come hard and fast.

I guess more for mums than dads because mums are undoubtedly more irreplaceable at the newborn stage.

That’s me trying to help chip in baby care giving

Rise of “TWO Month” nanny

In my line of work, I’ve gotten to know in detail the financial backgrounds of many parents as well as their plans for newborn handling.

I can safely say that MOST (if not all) engage a confinement nanny or maid.

Confinement nannies come at a hefty price tag. Around $3,000?

Increasingly, most are paying to extend their stay to 2 months although tradition is 1month. Some mums still reply emails during confinement due to their work nature and a confinement nanny’s help is indispensable