Today, new age achievers are digital natives who prefer the convenience of accessing information and performing transactions on digital platforms in many aspects of their lives.

DBS has been ahead of this change in consumer preference. Instead of providing full advisory, their tech-focused solution DBS iWealth relinquish(es) control to its users – users now have the ability manage their wealth on their own terms using digital solutions.

If you are like me who likes having convenience without giving up control, be sure to read about what DBS iWealth can do for you.

Note that the DBS iWealth is offered as part of DBS Treasures and you need a minimum of S$350,000 in investible assets to qualify.

DBS iWealth is a convenient and comprehensive wealth management digital tool

After my experience with many banking apps for personal and corporate banking functions, I personally felt that DBS iWealth is one of the easiest to use.

The most impressive thing about DBS iWealth app is the ability to monitor all your wealth at a