A Happy New Year to all investors, Here is my top 5 pick for stocks to AVOID for buy and hold. This post was originally posted here by one of our community members.  1)$SIA(C6L.SI) The aviation industry is going through a hard reset.  While vaccines are starting to be available, it will take many many more months (infection number still raising)  for all countries to gain herd immunity.  A likelihood of SIA doing more rounds of fund raising which will dilute existing shareholders. 2) $First Reit(AW9U.SI) For REITs that depend on master leases it is vital for investors to check the financial strength of the counter party.  If the tenant has weak financials doesn’t matter how the lease is restructured or how much $$ the REIT raise.  A responsible REIT manager will know when it is time to liquidate the properties and return $$ to shareholders before more value